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Exhibit Concepts to Draw the Eyes Away From the Competition at a New Exhibition

There will be someone at the exhibit who is more prepared. There will be someone with a potentially better product or, at the least, a bigger budget. Someone will do something better. It is inevitable when so many industry powerhouses are resolved under the same roof. Exhibits offer a daring look into a full industry. Exhibits allow for space for both power players and total newcomers. It is up to the newcomers to draw eyes away from their competition and to their new concept. Below are a few concepts on how this can be done with Custom Exhibition Stands.

Using Height

The most obvious restriction an exhibit leader has is space. It is the basis for the cost of the exhibit. Space is the largest obstacle, and this is tied to what can be done. But, it does not impact the extent of creativity involved. Designers can actually use a different metric entirely to make use of their space. Instead of going long and wide, they can go big and tall. Some exhibit designers use height to really attract some attention. Look at the Italian fashion designers exhibits to see height used with splendid wonder. One in particular drapes a large red carpet high into the ceiling. They allow it to fall and create the floor of the space. It is a stunning design feature, appropriately suitable for fashion. As a side note, the design should complement the brand. This extravagant sprawling carpet may not work for a lot of brands. Lastly, many exhibit leaders have height restrictions, as well as sound restrictions./ Always conform to exhibit policy in using anything outside the norm.

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The Shape of the Space

Does the stand have to fit a certain metric of, say, 10 x 10? It can encompass all that space (as it should; space is always in short supply). But, it does not have to be this shape at all. Though the exhibit could encompass the full ground floor space, it does not have to be a rectangle. The actual structure of the exhibit could be a tunnel, a swirl, an open concept, a dome, and anything else. Play around with space. Use Bespoke Exhibition Stands to deploy something fresh.


Visit for more on Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stands. These ideas only scratch the very surface of what a creative leader is capable of. Look at the efforts of a professional team, and consider hiring members to help bring out the best.

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